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Meet Marlea Grace Zerrudo Mique

She’s one of the few die hard kpop junkies that I’ve ever met. She’s a cool girl with a big voice and a brave heart. Though she breaks under pressure, she still manages to work things out and be successful after everything. She’s also a really fun person to be around with once you get to know her. 

She’s an awkward penguin and she likes it that way. When things get a little awkward, she’s the one that I call to at least clear the awkwardness away. She’s a brilliant artist, a smart kid and a very loving daughter to her parents. 

There was this time before Valentines Day, she asked me and Harvie if we could accompany her to the mall because she wanted to buy her parents cakes. And she started giving her parents cakes since last year and she still does that until now. Amazing. She’s hard-working and focused though it might not seem so. A dog and a cat lover. A crazy girl, my crazy friend woot!

2 years ago

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